Most of us are finding that we’re increasingly worse off as prices rise and income fail to keep pace.

With the latest benefit cuts, many claimants will find it even harder to manage, so any savings that can be made are crucial to step debt problems building up. We may feel we have already cut back as much as possible, but some people are spending much more on energy and broadband deals than is necessary and quite considerable savings could be made by renegotiating deals or by switching suppliers. For many households, energy and broadband costs are the highest bills and it is well worth checking to see if you can get a better deal. Some people can save as much as £400 a year by changing tariff or by switching supplier.

Switching your energy provider made easy

If you haven’t changed your gas or electricity provider in the last few years it’s well worth having a go. You can do it over the phone and our Money Advice Officer can give you some one to one advice, call 0161 486 7684 for more information.