Help with budgeting

Every household benefits from a budget. This will enable you to establish where you can make changes to your expenditure to help save you some money. A budget should include:

  • All  your income
  • All your fixed costs
  • Flexible expenditure

Fixed costs include things like rent or council tax, something that you have to pay and never changes. Some people pay things like mobile phone bills before their rent and as a result, end up losing their home; make sure rent is your first priority. Flexible expenditure includes things like food, clothes or entertainment-you still need these however you can control what you spend.

Budget Sheet

More money going out than coming in?

It’s time to start cutting back. Begin by looking at optional expenses and see what you can afford to go without.

If you need some advice on how you can cut back on spending and possibly increase your income, why not speak to our Money Advice Officer who will work with your budget and see where money could be saved. They also check to see if you could be entitled to any benefits.

Please call 0161 486 7684 for further details or email