Health and Wellbeing Programme

Our Health and Wellbeing programme supports projects which improve life expectancy and reduce health inequalities. In 2017/18 we have invested more than £80,000 in projects which help to address health inequalities in Stockport communities. 

The programme provides funding and support to projects which address local priorities, with a particular focus on improving mental health amongst high risk cohorts, including young people aged 11-18 and men at risk of isolation. 

We are very proud to be supporting these 14 projects over the coming year:


logo SAZ MEDIA provides filming and photography services and workshops to the community and businesses, a recently established social enterprise, it aims to be recognised within the community as the go to place for creative content that inspires positive social change. With our funding they will deliver a project which aims to improve mental health in young people utilising creativity.

The project will act as a pilot and run a series of 10-12 photography workshops through July and August 2018. The workshops will be designed for people aged 12-17, the workshops will feature discussions around social and digital media, with a focus on mental health and wellbeing, which will open up debates and influence the groups creative photography- using the power of the selfie! With sessions taking place across Stockport, it provides ways to engage with young people across a wide range.


Stockport Sings4fun,project,aims to raise awareness about the value of well-being, good health and community interaction by celebrating and charting Stockport’s history through music and song. Many of the existing group members of Singing4Fun have been referred through signposting from services provided by Stockport Mind, SPARC and also through the psychiatric department at Stepping Hill hospital.

The group provides an important, regular social and fun activity that helps maintain the well-being of its members.  With our funding the group will create a show which highlights the richness of Stockport’s community and charts it’s history in song, from ,the mills to present day. This will create opportunities for members to be involved in the varied aspects of creating the show and not just rehearsing and performing the songs. The panel felt this project offered great community impact and good value for money. 


Stockport Progress And Recovery Centre:

logo SPARC is a registered mental health charity that provides a range of services for adults living in the local area who experience mental health problems. They have identified a gap in local services which provides support for people who have attempted suicide. They have found that men are 3 times more likely to complete suicide than women,  75% of people who attempt suicide are not known to mental health services at the time of the attempt and 16% of survivors make a further attempt within the following 12 months, 2% of these prove to be fatal.

Our funding will enable them to work in partnership with Stockport Mind to develop a suicide prevention project particularly aimed at men who have survived a suicide attempt.  Initially a 12 month pilot project, they will recruit a Project Worker who will connect with individuals in a variety of ways and support. Through the pilot support structures will then be formed based on the identified needs of those individuals and the model will be tested to see


Stockport Lads Club:

Stockport Lads Club is a voluntary youth club providing positive activities for around 150 young people five nights of the week as well as Football provision at the weekend. By providing positive activities for children and young people they aim to contribute to positive mental well-being – helping young people to engage with people and the world around them as well as providing them with a sense of purpose and achievement.

They are currently working with a local construction firm to refurbish the centre and install a boxing gym. This will provide a way to engage with young people- primarily males aged 11-18, to improve their mental health, engagement and confidence as well as building social networks. Our funding will contribute to the project, helping to fill the funding gap to make it a success.


TLC: Talk, Listen, Change:

logo TLC are a local charity with a mission is to enable people of all ages to benefit from healthy and happy relationships.  They want to create a society where people enjoy good emotional wellbeing and personal resilience; supported by positive relationships in all areas of their life. They applied for funding to help address an issue they had identified through their work with men in their 20s and 30s who are developing their self-esteem and confidence, and working on building social connections within their community to provide a way for them to connect and develop a network of peer support.

With our funding the project seeks to equip the men for the future with improved self-esteem and confidence, creating a sustainable network of groups where men support each other and build relationships, and increasing their feelings of self-worth as they take steps forward. The panel felt this project perfectly addressed the fund theme, and was supported by strong evidence of need and opportunity. TLC are thrilled to have received the award and said “We are delighted to receive this funding from Equity Foundation.

It means that we can work with young men in Stockport to establish their own ways of sharing strengths and building relationships, and equipping themselves with confidence long into the future. We can’t wait to see what ideas they come up with!”

H3- Helping the Homeless into Housing:

H3 logo H3 are a charity supporting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness through projects and activities which focus on preventing and relieving the effects of homelessness and reducing social and financial exclusion.

This project will see H3 working with CERA Cyloan, a local bike-based social enterprise, to deliver a new recycling and upcycling arts, design and marketing course. Our funding will give young people and young adults who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness the chance to design, make and market jewellery and furniture that is upcycled from old bicycle materials in a supportive and restorative environment. The project is expected to support 20 young people and will help to create a greater sense of self-esteem, confidence and positivity about the future. 


Home-Start Oldham, Stockport & Tameside:

Honestart logo Home-Start help families with children under the age of five who are facing challenges due to stress factors such as poverty, mental ill health, disability, social isolation. Our funding will enable them to recruit a Rapid Response worker to work directly with families for a short term in their own homes to provide emotional support, provide help to get out of the house, support to access community activities, and practical help with issues such as housing and benefit support.  

Support will be prioritised for young parents under the age of 25 who are affected by isolation and poor mental health, which is often compounded by the responsibility of caring for young children.


Cheadle Heath Community Association:

The Rose Walker Centre is a community hub based in Cheadle Heath. Our funding will enable them to develop Friendly Fridays, a new initiative developed through consultation with the local community to combat social isolation. Friendly Fridays will offer a range of activities to bring people together, form new friendships, improve confidence, and ultimately empower people to become advocates and supporters of Friendly Fridays.

The project aims to develop a sustainable programme of activity supported by partnerships and volunteers, and provide something new for up to 30 people to access each week. 


Arts for Recovery in the Community:

ARC is a creative organisation specialising in mental health, wellbeing and community development, they work with vulnerable and marginalised people in priority neighbourhoods across Stockport to improve mental health and resilience. Our funding will enable them to build on the success of a recent pilot project, to develop their “Artspace” programme for vulnerable young people aged 14-25 in Stockport who are experiencing or, at risk of mental health problems.

The 12-month programme of creative workshops will provide opportunity for young people to take part in activities which build self-esteem, foster new friendships, and provide them with practical skills for managing their own mental health. 125 young people will participate in the programme over the next year. 



logo Project.INC exists to promote and provide inclusive, alternative learning opportunities for 11- 19 year olds. Our funding will enable them to run a ‘Mad Hatters and Curious Cooks’ programme at The Hat Works will allow opportunity for young learners to connect to their community places and history, as well as interact with practicing Makers to learn new skills, promoting mental wellbeing.

GetSet for Business  C.I.C: 

GetSet for Business CIC is a not-for-profit enterprise which targets hard to reach groups and young people with the purpose of encouraging them to consider self-employment and entrepreneurship as a future career option.  Our funding will enable them to deliver three enterprise projects in partnership with Signpost Stockport for Young Carers and Pure Insight who support people who are leaving the care of the local authority.  The project will support these young people to develop entrepreneurial skills, make new friends and consider an alternative career path. 



logo Re:Dish is a community-based charity working to improve the lives of people across Reddish. The charity has recently taken over an allotment site in North Reddish and has plans to develop it to provide a range of activities that will improve mental wellbeing and physical fitness, teach people to grow fruit and vegetables and to cook them, provide an outdoor social space to facilitate socialising and integration.

The funding will enable them to work with an estimated 40 families and individuals to engage in the allotment project and develop it into a sustainable site over the next 3 years. 


Inspire Group:

Inspire Group are a Stockport based support, information and activity group for adults who may be socially isolated due to long term health conditions that have resulted in low self-confidence and esteem.

They applied for funding to support Stockport residents with long term health conditions by providing digital training support to people in their own homes. This will help people to access the benefits of the internet including: social media, making medical appointments and ordering prescriptions, online banking and shopping, applying for benefits, accessing community activities and local services and provide a local network of friends for them to access. 


Stockport SEND Families: 

Stockport SEND Families is a support group run by parents to support families who have children/young people with additional needs. Our funding will help to kick start a new Friday evening project which addresses the needs of the families they support, bringing together parents and carers throughout Stockport and allow them to develop their own social group as well as support.