Social value in procurement is defined by The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012. It requires us to look beyond making decisions based on financial cost and to think more about the wider benefit to a community. Coffee mug

We aim to achieve the most social, environmental and economic value when we buy products and services to make communities a better place in which to live and work. We have signed up to the GM Social Value Pledge and are committed to driving change in the role social value plays in supporting social outcomes.

There are various ways businesses we work with can add social value:

  • Promoting employment and economic sustainability - tackling unemployment and facilitating the development of residents’ skills

  • Raising living standards of local residents - working towards paying the living wage, maximising employee access to entitlements such as childcare and encouraging suppliers to source labour from within the local area

  • Promoting participation and citizen engagement - encouraging resident participation and promote active citizenship

  • Building  the capacity and sustainability of the voluntary and community sector – providing practical support for local voluntary and community groups

  • Promoting equity and fairness - targeting effort towards those in the greatest need or facing the greatest disadvantage and tackling deprivation across the area

  • Promoting environmental sustainability – reducing waste, limiting energy consumption and procuring materials from sustainable source


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