Everything you need to know about insurance

Ensure you are covered should the worst happen!

If you had to replace your belongings because of theft, fire or flooding could you afford to?

There are two types of household insurance, buildings insurance and contents insurance.

Your buildings insurance is paid by Equity and covers the cost associated with rebuilding any part of your home. However, you should have your own contents insurance to cover the cost of replacing the contents of your home. A good way to tell the difference between buildings and contents insurance is to imagine you were able to pick your house up and turn it upside down. Everything that would remain in place (walls,doors,bath,sinks etc) is covered by your buildings insurance. Everything that would fall out (television, beds,sofa etc) is covered by contents insurance.

Equity has partnered with RSA (formerly Royal Sun Alliance) to provide cost effective contents insurance, specifically for our tenants, that can be paid weekly, monthly or annually. You could insure the contents of your home for as little as £1.40 per week depending on how much you need to insure. Please contact us free on 0300 123 4460 for more details and an application form.

You can also get insurance from other companies. Use a comparison website to find the cover that is best for you. Try Moneysupermarket or Confused.com