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Equity Foundation

Equity Housing Group is about more than bricks and mortar. We recognise that we can play a key role in supporting communities to develop so in 2013 we set up the Equity Foundation as a way to increase the social value and impact we create.

The Foundation works to support community and social enterprises to achieve their ambition, we do this through our funding and support programmes. In order to maximise our impact, we focus our programmes on:

  • Funding projects which reduce health inequalities in Stockport. Through our Health and Wellbeing Programme we support projects which offer different solutions to health and wellbeing problems and help to increase the overall health of local people.


  • Supporting the development of the social enterprise sector as a growing economy. Social enterprises are businesses that use their operation to create social good.  We know that social enterprises can create innovative solutions to some of societies long term problems, and by generating income they can do this in a sustainable manner. Our programme supports the development of local social enterprises through business coaching, networking and training opportunities and funding to create a package of support to help them thrive. 

The Foundation is funded through Equity Housing Group and donations from our corporate partners.

Through these programmes we aim to create long term impact for communities. In 2017 alone, the Foundation invested more than £110,000 into projects, working with 43 different community organisations and social enterprises.

These ranged from youth projects to support young carers to develop their business skills and set up their own enterprises, creative projects which support people experiencing mental health difficulties, through to seed funding to support a parent-led social enterprise to grow.