Building a new Partnership

Over the last few months Equity’s Board and management team have been working together to select a potential merger partner to meet our high-level objectives of delivering better customer service and developing more affordable homes.

The selection of a merger partner has been a robust and stringent process throughout, with a number of customers from across the Group also becoming involved in visits to the final two Phone iconshortlisted companies. Along with colleagues and shareholders, customers were given the opportunity to ask questions and challenge the answers given to better understand how a merger with any said company would affect them as a customer.

I am therefore pleased and excited to inform you that last week, the Board agreed to select Great Places Housing Group as our preferred potential merger partner. Over the next few months we will be undertaking due diligence and working closely with Great Places to create a new combined vision that brings the two organisations together to deliver better services and more affordable homes.

To read all correspondence sent to customers, please click on the links below:

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Will customers be consulted?

The decision of which potential partner to select is the responsibility of the Board of Equity.

However, the voice of our customers is crucial and we want to hear from as many of you as possible to help shape and inform our proposals. Our Board will be very much taking into account your views as we progress through the merger process.

We are committed to consult as widely as possible which is why we will be inviting you to attend a number of customer consultation events later in the year. We will write to you nearer to the time to inform you of the dates, times and venues for these events.

If you have any questions or queries about the process and what this means to you, as a customer of Equity, please complete the form below and we will endevour to answer your query as promptly as possible.

Building a new Partnership

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