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Carole Hassan


Welcome to our Annual Report 2017/18, the past year has been a busy and challenging one for Equity Housing Group, with an emphasis on strengthening the business through delivering transformation, supporting growth and better managing risk. 

Developing new approaches to these areas provides the foundation for improving our business resilience, financial performance and social impact.

The Board reviewed our Corporate Plan during 2017/18, alongside our risk appetite and risk framework, and our new Corporate Plan will focus on the following key objectives: 



  • Invest - Invest in building sustainable homes and places where our customers can thrive;
  • Deliver - Understand our diverse customers and deliver high quality, tailored services;
  • Support - Support our customers’ wellbeing, and help grow the capacity of communities to address the challenges they face;
  • Grow - Grow the business, driving maximum social value from our activities; and
  • Sustain - Maintain a commercially viable and sustainable business, driving surplus to fund the delivery of new affordable homes.


To help us deliver these goals, the Executive Leadership Team has been further strengthened during the year with two key Strategic Director appointments in Customer Experience and Corporate Services.  

Whilst our key aim over the next five years is to strengthen our financial capacity to enable us to continue to develop new homes, we also recognise that our customers are at the heart of everything that we do

We continuously look at how we interact with our customers, the quality of these interactions and the overall satisfaction and experience we are providing.  I am really proud of the great work that our teams do every day. 

I am also delighted to demonstrate significant progress in the range of partnerships and the expansion of the range of new homes we develop, which saw Equity undertake a programme to deliver 206 new homes during the year.  I am pleased to report that 113 of those homes have already been handed over (47 for Shared Ownership and 66 for affordable rent), with the remainder expected to be handed over early in 2018/19.  The new Corporate Plan aims to deliver a further 860 new homes over the next five years. 

As colleague interaction with customers has the biggest impact on satisfaction, I’d like to pass on my thanks to all the employees at Equity for their continued efforts, and who strive to make Equity the customer focussed business that it is.

My thanks also go to my colleagues on the Board, whose dedication helps ensure that the business is fit for the challenges of the future.  Special thanks for their contribution of course goes to our Equity customers and to other local residents and community groups who continue to be at the heart of everything that we do.

Many thanks


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