Am I eligible for Shared Ownership?

To be eligible for Shared Ownership you will need to meet certain criteria set by the Local Authority, this can vary for each scheme.


You could be eligible for Shared Ownership if:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You cannot afford to buy a home suitable for your needs on the open market. You will need sufficient savings for a mortgage deposit and a clean credit history to qualify for a mortgage.
  • Your household earnings don’t exceed £80,000 a year (outside of London) 
  • In many cases, you must be able to demonstrate a connection to the local area of the development.
  • You must not have any outstanding credit issues (i.e. unsatisfied defaults or county court judgments).
  • You must be a first-time buyer. If you already own a home and need to move but cannot afford to, or you have equity from a recent sale, please contact us, as there are some circumstances under which you may still be eligible.


You aren't eligible for Shared Ownership if:

  • You're able to buy a home outright
  • Your household income exceeds £80,000 a year
  • You're not able to meet the cost of rent and mortgage payments
  • You aren't going to live there
  • You're using the scheme to fund a ‘buy to let’ property
  • You currently own your own residential and/or commercial property



Please note the minimum incomes and eligibility criteria may vary for each scheme.