Affordable rent

Applying for a property

Equity Housing Group do not hold an internal waiting list and allocate the majority of our properties in conjunction with our partner Local Authorities. These will be advertised for a set timescale (usually weekly or fortnightly) and interested applicants are able to ‘bid’ to express their interest during this time. This is done via the relevant local authority.

At the end of the advertising cycle all applications are considered against pre-defined criteria and a ranked shortlist of applicants is produced by the local authority and passed to Equity.


Pre-tenancy checks

Equity conduct pre-tenancy checks on all applicants prior to offering a property, these checks include an affordability calculator, interview and collection of references from current or former landlords. Equity reserve the right to refuse (or remove) offers if we feel an applicant cannot reasonably afford a property or where we receive unacceptable (or no references) full details can be found in our Allocations Policy


Rent in advance

Applicants should be aware that a condition of an Equity tenancy is that rent is paid in advance. As a result customers should expect to make a payment when signing a tenancy.

Existing customers wishing to move

The easiest way for existing customers to move properties is by way of mutual exchange, this is a process whereby Housing Association (or Local Authority) tenants can 'swap' properties, there are many benefits to this process including:

  • No need to join Local Authority waiting lists
  • Ability to choose the area you wish to live in
  • Flexibility over moving dates – no need to pay two rents!

Equity cover the subscription costs for our customers to the UK’s biggest online mutual exchange website ‘Homeswapper’ to register on the site and create a profile please click here


Please Note: all mutual exchanges must be agreed by Equity prior to the move taking place, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager on 0300 123 4460 immediately if you identify a suitable swap.

In order to give our customers the best opportunity to be rehoused we would encourage you to register with the relevant local authority, this can be done via your Local Authority.